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During lockdown I was commissioned by the V&A Dundee to research and develop a film from archive and personal footage of Scottish Clubs and Raves. 'Hold Me' is the final result. It's showing at the Night Fever: Designing Club Culture exhibition at the V&A Dundee until January 2022. Music by JD_Twitch 

10 minutes

Three young men in a state of shock following recent upheavals in their lives. One just out of jail, one becoming housed, and one adjusting to the separation from his girlfriend and daughter. Edit: Vera Simmonds Composer: Huw Bunford 

30 minutes

A queer mental health group in Glasgow share their experiences of the city. Commissioned by LGBT Mental Health and Wellbeing.

12 minutes

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 12.35.54.png

Laura is sleeping in a fisherman's hut. The fishermen care for her, but think she should return home to her mother.  The film is a document of Laura’s attempted liberation from a complex family history. 

24 minutes

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